Ouday Azmi

Freelance Senior Test Consultant / Test Coördinator / 


• ING, Bachelor in Information Technology
Hogere Informatica Hogeschool van Amsterdam (diploma);
• Higher general continued education – HAVO (diploma).

• 2013 – Test Scrum of Scrums
• 2011- Test Management and Test Coördination- Improve
• 2010- Certified Scrum Master (CSM) – iSense
• 2008 – Prince2 Foundation – Lagant Management Consultants (certificate);
• 2007 – ITIL Foundation – EXIN (certificate);
• 2007 – ISTQB – ISEB (certificate);
• 2007 – Agile Testing – Ordina (DSDM method);
• 2006 – Basis Structured Testing – Ordina;
• 2006 – Basis SQL- Ordina;
• 2006 – Test specification techniques – Ordina;
• 2006 – Test design and running – Maintain.
• 2005 – ING, Bachelor in Information Technology

Trainings and courses:
• 2014 – Requirements Management en Engineering
• 2014 – TIBCO/SIGMA Tools
• 2013 – Billing Systems.
• 2002 – Personal Development workshop ‘Increase Impact’
• 2010 – Positive thinking – iSense
• 2009 – Dealing with workload – iSense
• 2009 – Dealing with changes – iSense
• 2009 – Communicating at Work – iSense
• 2009- Aposys application – Microbais
• 2008 – Business Information Services Library, Lagant Management Consultants – Ordina;
• 2008 – Prince2 – Ordina;
• 2007 – Agile testing – Ordina; 
• 2007 – Conflict treatment – Ordina;
• 2007 – Intake skills – Ordina;
• 2007 – Presentation Skills – Ordina;     
• 2006 – Maia application pension/insurance –Actuera;
• 2005 – Mail / Data Security – Ahold;
• 2005 – Implementation quality of maintenance – Hogeschool Amsterdam;
• 2005 – Heterogene Data Networks – Hogeschool Amsterdam;
• 2005 – Databases en Modelling – Hogeschool Amsterdam;
• 2004 – The engineer as a manager- Hogeschool Amsterdam;
• 2004 – Developing with Case-tools – Hogeschool Amsterdam;
• 2004 – CMM – Capability Maturity Model – Hogeschool Amsterdam;
• 2004 – ITIL – Information Technology Infrastructure Library- Hogeschool Amsterdam.

Specialties:Branche knowledge 
• Provision of services, Internet;
• Financial;
• Detailhandel-retail
• Healthcare
• Telecommunications


Senior Test Consultant


 – Present (5 months)Utrecht Area, Netherlands

Project: Data Management and Detection

Test Coördinator Quality Assurance


 – Present (2 years 5 months)Rijswijk

Test Coordinator (Eternity Consultancy)
Project: Mobiel 4G/ Integratie Mobiele Keten + App testen
Gehele mobiele implementatie o.a: Portal implementatie , Migration platform (data cleaning, data migration), Supporting processen zoals: infra/connectivity/security.Scrum/Agile methode. 

Networks: Mobile Network environment Implementatie LTE (MVNO) Mobiele Ziggo app testen ( provision, activation/billing, enz). Ketentesten : Ordermanagement-L7 GATEWAY-TIBCO ESB-CRAMER-SIGMA-EMA-HLR-MIO-MFT-COMPTEL-GMSC-GGSN-BILLING

Senior test consultant/ Test Coordinator (Eternity Consultancy)
Project: Avaya telefonie / Migratie van XP naar Win 7/Citrix-XenApp
Ziggo gaat de werkplekken van haar Agents upgraden naar MS Windows 7 met MS Internet Explorer 8 inclusief de upgrade van de Citrix implementatie. Dit vereist dat ook de softphone van Avaya telefonie geüpgrade wordt. De randvoorwaarde voor deze softphone upgrade is een upgrade van de gehele Avaya omgeving. Tevens het inrichten van Citrix-XenApp voor alle systemen. Alle Windows XP Callcenter Werkplekken worden vervangen door nieuwe Win 7 werkplekken en gekoppeld aan nieuwe Citrix omgeving.

Next Generation Intelligent Network platform
Het gaat hier om het realiseren van een nieuwe platform. De NGIN oplossing werkt als een Service Control Point (SCP) naar het SS7 netwerk en een SIP Application Server naar de SIP netwerk. Het is de toegangspoort voor de verschillende core-netwerken, om te bellen en / of sessie controle beheren. De communicatie tussen en naar de afzonderlijke servers worden gerealiseerd via een TCP / IP netwerk.

Avaya onderdelen:

- Avaya Interaction Center (AIC)
- Communication Manager (CM)
- Session Manager (SM)
- System Manager (SMGR)
- Application Enablement Services (AES)
- Aura Messaging (MM)
- Avaya Contact Center Control Manager (ACCCM)
- Call Management System (CMS)
- Experience Portal (AEP)
- Experience Portal Manager (EPM)
- Avaya Operational Analyst (AOA)
- Avaya SBCE
- AIC Monitoring- en Beheertool

Senior Test Consultant /Test Coördinator

Ziggo / Utrecht-Den Haag

 – Augustus 2013 (5 years 7 month)Utrecht and Den Haag, Netherlands

Project : Billing System Implementation . (Comptel Mediation)
This project ensures that a new billing system (Comptel Mediation) is implemented so that CDR’s (Call Detail Record) can be transported. Main intention is to ensure the quality in the transport of the CDR. The CDR’s should be offered to the back office systems through MFT / TIBCO / BUSINESS WORKS. The goal is to ensure the quality of the CDR integration.

Project: System integration
The cable company is one of the top three in the Netherlands. Work within the company is supporting the system integration test team. By the major merges, it is important to have a working interface between the peripheral systems. The ERP system where Ziggo company works with is the Oracle e-Business Suite. The important services are: Digital Television, HD, Internet, online billing, Digital TV, Interactive TV, Finance, purchasing and logistics, Projects, etc.

Tasks, responsibilities and activities:
• Advising;
• End-to-end testing
• Integrating new interfaces
• Telecommunications infrastructure
• Requirements & Acceptation;
• Running Test scripts;
• Results Registration;
• XML message (traffic)
• Quality orientation
• Self management
• Functional Acceptation testing.
• Coordinate test tasks and resources
• Customer Registration systems
• Coordinating (User) Acceptance Test

• M-Press ( connectie met externe providers)
• Changepoint applicatie ( projectmanagement en uurregistratie systeem)
• Expertdesk applicatie (Action Request System)
• Webmethods
• Toad for Oracle 8.6( SQL, benaderen van database)
• Portal Ziggo
• SoapUI
• Putty
• Dataload PRO.
• WinSCP.
• Holland Shipping
• Informatica Power Center (DWH en ETL )
• Microsoft SQL Server Management ( database )
• Cramer (netwerk registratie systeem)
• QxManager (Mutina Technology / IP protocol)

• Oracle E-Business Suite (CRM)
• ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ) / Oracle applicatie
• Comptel Mediation
• Tibco Business Works
• Managed File Transfer (MFT)

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Director Owner

Eternity Consultancy (Self-employed)

 – Present (7 years 5 months)


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IT Consultant

young mkb haarlem

 (3 years)


iSense ICT Professionals

 (2 years)

Software Testspecialist

Microbais (a CompuGroup Medical company)

 (5 months)

Project: Aposys.nl (building web-applicatie)

The department Product Support Group is responsible for running acceptance tests of Microbais applications.
Aposys is the package which is provided by Microbais. This application is being transformed to a web application.

Tasks, responsibilities and activities:
• Advising;
• Chain testing;
• Automated Testing;
• Requirements & Acceptation;
• Running Test scripts;
• Results Registration;
• Functional Acceptation testing.

Program Languages
• SQL; 
• Java; 
• DB2.

Methods and Techniques
• Black-box Test; 
• Agile testing;
• Dataflow test;
• Cycles test; 
• Proof Cases analyze; 
• Semantics Test; 
• Integration test.

• Fitnesse (automate tests);
• Selenium (automate tests);
• Squirrel SQL (approaching of database).



 (3 years)

Quality Assurance Consultant

ING Nederland

 (1 year)

Project: Credit Support Systems – HRVP

The goal of this project was to develop and design a program to automate and review the loans with a fixed interest.

Tasks, responsibilities and activities
• User Acceptance testing; 
• T-Map;
• Chain Testing; 
• Automated testing; 
• WinRunner; 
• XML traffic;
• Requirements & Acceptation criteria; 
• Running Test script ; 
• Results Registration Test director; 
• Functional acceptation tests; 
• Advising.

Running Systems
• Windows2000 Client;
• Mainframe.

Program languages
• SQL; 
• XML.

Data communication en networks
• MQ. 
• DB2.

Methods en techniques
• Black-box Test; 
• Dataflow test;
• Data cyclus test; 
• Proof Cases analyze; 
• Semantics Test; 
• Tmap; 
• Integration test.

• WinRunner; 
• Test Director;
• Mercury Quality Centre

Quality Assurance Consultant


 (10 months)

ING project goal was to implement system BAS. This system supports the process of providing mortgages.

Tasks, Responsibilities and Activities:
• Working on test activities; which is provided by Team leader FAT; Intake, review, test concept and running in documents.
• Reporting test results and findings.
• Re-testing findings;
• Working on reviews of colleagues, and report the findings.

• Intake relevant documentation for test basis;
• Documented review results; functional level;
• Test design based on relevance test techniques;
• Stream diagrams, test pads, test matrix;
• Logical and Physical Test Cases;
• Testing findings and colleague reviews .

Senior Test Consultant / Information Analyst

ING Westland Utrecht Hypotheekbank

 (3 months)

Hypotheekbank uses extranet as an application, which is running on Microsoft Site Server 3.0 for maintenance of users profiles.

Quality Assurance Consultant

Fortis Bank (Nederland) NV

 (8 months)

Actuera is a software supplier with different packages for the pension administration. Fortis wanted Actuera to adapt and implement the Excas / collect aggregate benefits for the first time.

Information Analyst/ Test Consultant


 (1 year 3 months)

Project Mail Encryption & Password Recovery: There has been a identification/analyze/test of the security of Lotus Notes network. Finally there was an implementation of password recovery. The result of this implementation was that the problems with the password, encryption and certificate were solved.

Tasks, responsibilities en activities:
Ahold Project: Lotus Notes Mail, Domino Server, Mail Network. IBM Tivoli System Management. Requirements & Acceptation criteria, Running test cases, advising. 

Technical competences
• Design and password recovery application for Lotus Notes;
• Research for the best method and tool for scanning the entire network for ID en mail security;
• Making use of private and public key, certificate configuration, S/MIME and SSL transactions.

Not-technical competences
• Communication with external parties;
• Understanding Business processes.

• Implementation of the password recovery

• ITIL, Software Test, Database Modelling & Design, Lotus Notes en Domino Server, Mail / Data Encryption.

• Mail/Data Encryption.

• DB2;
• MySQL;
• FTP;
• Oracle;
• Microsoft Access.

Methods and Techniques 
• Prince2;
• CMM Capability Maturity Model; 
• Limit analyses;
• Test cases analyse;
• Algorithm test;
• Process cycles test;
• Decision table test;
• Dataflow test;
• Semantics test;
• Syntactical test.

• Mercury Quality Centre;
• Test Director;
• ERD (Entity Relationship Diagrams);
• PVCS (registration of findings);
• FTP;
• FCO-IM (Fully Communication Oriented Information Modelling).

• Microsoft Office ;
• Lotus Notes Mail / Domino Server;
• Microsoft Office Visio;
• Linux;
• Flash Web design;
• IBM Tivoli System Management;
• Maia-Excas Information system (insurance en pension application).